South Dade Crossfit

After having four children in five and a half years, I was ready to get my body back into shape. Having never been in a gym, I was petrified on how I would go about this metamorphosis.  As a child and teen I had always been active, played tennis, softball, danced, and swam, but I was a complete novice when it came to working out. In May of 2012, when my youngest was just five months old I began attending a Crossfit. I fell in love. Crossfit was fun, challenging and had everything I was looking for to stay motivated on my fitness journey. Since those early days, I’ve toured a few different Crossfit gyms (or boxes as they’re called), and recently had the pleasure of doing a shoot at a local box. South Dade Crossfit is one of the finest crossfits I’ve ever seen. Their coaches are elite athletes who not only know how to do the exercises, but break down each exercise into easy steps, while encouraging you to give your all.  This shoot was definitely one of my favorites, and I cannot wait to go back for another!