Jenny and Javi’s Wedding – Photobooth fun!

I had such a great time running a pop up photobooth at Jenny and Javier’s wedding! All the guests had a blast putting on different props and making silly faces. Photobooths definitely bring out the child in all of us! Even Jenny and Javi got in on the fun!



Wedding Photos Featured in Washington Post’s Tale of Bravery

When I photographed Alex and Jason’s wedding I heard the minister describe how in the dead of winter Jason had jumped into an icy lake and saved him. When Mike Wise told this story in person he become understandably emotional.

It’s a modern day tale of bravery and self sacrifice, and I am beyond proud to have my photographs featured in this video on the Washington Post website. Link below.

A Jogger Saves Mike Wise’s Life

wed 58

A Romantic Renewal

Weddings are wonderful, but renewals have a special place in my heart. An act of rekindling love, appreciation, and adoration, renewals are always amazingly special.

It was lovely watching not just the bride and groom interact, but witnessing how much fun their family and friends were having too.

Jenny and Javier – love in motion!

There is a radiance to most newly engaged couples, yet in the case of Jenny and Javier their easy laughter and sweet smiles were incredibly touching. One of the most wonderful things about being a photographer is witnessing love in fluid motion, and when these two looked at each other adoration love was perfectly palpable.

Alexandra and Jason – A Lifetime of Love, and Laughter

I didn’t get into photography because I was into fancy gear, or was incredibly artistic – photography has clung to me since childhood because I love people. One of the things I adore about my job is meeting people and hearing their stories, and everybody appreciates a great love story.

When I saw the tender way Jason looked at Alex, and how she laughed at his jokes with her whole being their love wasn’t just clear, it was palpable. I have no doubt that these two will cherish each other for a lifetime.




Alex and Annia’s Engagement Session – Gone Country!

I often meet young couples in the course of my work. Engagement shoots are some of my favorites to do, I love the energy, affection and creativity that go into them. Nothing is better then working closely with a future bride to achieve her ideal session. Often texts and calls from my couples will go on for months prior to the shoot while we plan every minute detail. One of my most recent engagement sessions was so fun, and not just because the soon to be Mrs. Jorva was perky and playful with imagination to spare – the love between Annia and her fiancé Alex was truly palpable during their sitting, and I’m so pleased to share a sneak peek with you!

Christine’s Spring Nuptials

Christine is one of the sweetest women you’ll ever come in contact with. She has a serene beauty that is more than skin deep. She has always been a lovely friend and I’ve watched her grow into a loving mother and now wife.

I was awestruck in 2010, when she asked me to shoot her small intimate wedding, it was the second wedding under my belt and I was thrilled when she was happy with her photographs.

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